Arcari Dental prides itself on offering dental restoration and appliances made only with materials that are approved by the ADA. Therefore, all of our finished products are guaranteed for five years against material and mechanical defects and failures. Our full service lab provides the highest quality restorations ranging from porcelain-fused-to-metal, full gold, all-ceramic, CAD/CAM, dentures, acrylic partials, cast partials, flexible partials to night and sports guards. We are able to offer extra, value-added services such as emergency/same-day repairs due to our large staff and highly-efficient laboratory production lay-out orientation.

When you send a case to Arcari Dental, rest assured that your prescription will be followed precisely and the case will be delivered on time. Our Total Quality Management system and Certified Dental Technicians ensure consistent product standards and dependably high-quality restorations that will please you and your patients.